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Lavalier Mic w/ Body Pack & Receiver

Lavalier Mic w/ Body Pack & Receiver


This Lavalier Mic with Bodypack and Reciever provides dependable performance for both speech and performance applications and includes a UHF diversity receiver, bodypack transmitter, and omnidirectional lavalier microphone.


The transmitter and receiver synchronize channel and frequency at the touch of a button.

The receiver's back-lit display allows for easy operation under dimly-lit conditions and its user-friendly menu makes operation quick and easy.



- EM 100 G3 Rackmount Receiver

- ME 2 Clip-On Lavalier Mic

- Auto Frequency Scan Finds Open Bands

- 3 Level Squelch To Block Interference

- 20 Banks With 6 Channel Presets Each

- Compander for Clearer Sound

- Auto-Lock Prevents Accidental Adjustment

- Sturdy metal housing (transmitter and receiver)

- 36 MHz Bandwidth: 1440 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception

- Enhanced frequency bank system with up to 6 compatible frequencies per bank

- High-quality true diversity reception

- Pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference when the transmitter is turned off

- The automatic frequency scan feature searches for available frequencies

- Enhanced AF frequency range

- Increased range for audio sensitivity

- Wireless synchronization of transmitters via infrared interface

- User-friendly menu operation with more control options

- Illuminated graphic display (transmitter and receiver)

- HDX compander for crystal-clear sound

- Transmitter features battery indication in 4 steps, also shown on receiver display

- Programmable Mute function

- Integrated Equalizer and Soundcheck mode

- Contacts for recharging BA 2015 accupack directly in the transmitter

- Wide range of accessories adapts the system to any requirement

- 1440 Tunable Frequencies Across 36 MHz

  • Details

    Sennheiser ew 110 G3 LE Wireless Bodypack Microphone System with ME2 Lavalier Mic - A2 (518-554 MHz)

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